Footage of Dana Brooke's nasty head injury during WWE Main Event


Dana Brooke suffered a nasty head injury on Monday night during the Main Event tapings before Monday Night Raw was broadcasted live.

Brooke was wrestling in a singles match against Sarah Logan when she was involved in a spot which saw her pick up the brutal injury.

Dana was kneeling on the ring apron when Sarah came towards her with speed and kneed her hard into the ring post. 

Due to the velocity which Logan had, Brooke hit her head on the ring post hard, which busted her open and caused blood to cover one side of her face.

The referee brought the match to an end almost immediately after the spot, meaning the bout ended in a no contest, but in situations like this safety must come first.

The video below shows the spot between Brooke and Logan and you can hear fans inside the arena reacting to the spot too.

Brooke received medical attention afterward and earlier today, she posted a couple of photos of her injury as well as her promise to return soon.

She said in her tweet: "❤️ I hurt. I bleed. I mourn. I grieve. I struggle. I try. I fall and I sigh. I fight. I lose. I scar. I bruise. I suffer. I yearn. But I live AND I LEARN!!!❤️ Much love for all the kind messages! I’m back at it! #wwe Missoula coming 4 ya! @WWE"

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Logan also reacted to the Main Event spot on her Instagram, posting a video of the incident with the caption: "If I had to do it over, I would of done it slower. @ashasebera_danabrooke #Viking #wiliding #MainEvent #RAW #WWE #mountainviking #Jomsborg"

The good news coming out of this nasty-looking situation is that it appears Dana won't be away from the squared circle for much time at all.

While it doesn't look like Brooke will be missing much time despite being busted open, you have to be careful with head injuries. WWE will likely take all the necessary precautions and won't allow her to return until she passes all the concussion tests.

Fingers crossed we see Dana Brooke back in a WWE ring soon.

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