The best of the Women’s World Cup group stage from social media

A fan holds a mobile phone prior to the Women's World Cup match between the Netherlands and Cameroon

The Women’s World Cup group stage has come to an end, and while all eyes have been on the games, social media has produced its fair share of intriguing moments too.

The players have been active off the pitch as well as on it in entertaining the fans – South Africa’s rendition of this Whitney Houston classic, for example, was hard to ignore.

Music and dance have been a theme of many teams’ experience in France, with Nigeria in high spirits ahead of their game against the hosts.

Even immediately before kick-off, the Jamaica players could be seen enjoying the light-hearted side of the tournament.

And in celebration, the music continued to flow – here Nigeria reacts to the news that they had progressed to the knockout stage of the tournament.

But it’s not just the players who have been enjoying the party atmosphere. The Holland fans have made a name for themselves with this sort of thing.

The magic of the World Cup meanwhile was not lost on the younger generation, who were spotted enjoying England’s group game against Argentina.

And more famous faces were on hand to inspire their teams too, with Caster Semenya offering her support to the South Africa side.

The fun extended to training too, where players exhibited their skills in between matches.

Meanwhile, some training methods were more orthodox than others…

But it was Brazil’s Marta who produced perhaps the most profound piece of group stage social media, singing a song about football being for women as well as men.

What will social media produce in the knockout stage?

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