Artem Lobov says Conor McGregor helped him prepare for Paulie Malignaggi fight


Artem Lobov will fight against Paulie Malignaggi at Bare Knuckle FC 6 tonight in Tampa, Florida in a bare-knuckle main event.

UFC fans may recognise both of these names, as they're both linked to Conor McGregor.

Lobov previously fought for UFC in the featherweight division but was released in January earlier this year. He is also McGregor's teammate.

Malignaggi was McGregor's sparring partner before his fight with Floyd Mayweather, but he left the training camp and footage was released showing Notorious knocking down the former IBF and WBA World Champion.

Now Lobov is looking to cash in on their feud by seeing if he can beat Malignaggi himself, and he's even said he's spoken to his Irish teammate ahead of the fight.

The Russian said to TMZ Sports, via MMA Mania: "Absolutely, we spoke about the fight. Before every fight we always exchange strategies. We’re always kind of helping the other guy out into planning their strategy and how we’re going to approach the fight.

“But for this fight we had everything broken down at the time that the spar even happened. We already knew what we were dealing with and there’s nothing to be amazed by.

"There’s nothing special about him. This guy has no power. Fragile little hands. Plucked out eyebrows. He’s hiding his f—king bald patch. Look how insecure this guy is.”


Lobov also stated that McGregor has told him some tips on how to beat Malignaggi.

He said: “Like I said, we broke down the whole sparring so I know everything. I know his weaknesses and I know his strengths. I was getting ready for the best version of Paulie even though I knew only fat mess would show up."

Lobov mentioned as well that if there's bad blood between Malignaggi and McGregor, there's bad blood between himself and Malignaggi as well, and it won't be over once they've fought one another tonight.

The Russian said: “I will not be shaking his hand, but I might shake his brain."

Lobov was successful in his only previous fight for Bare Knuckle FC, beating Jason Knight via unanimous decision after five rounds at Bare Knuckle FC 5 in April earlier this year.

As for Malignaggi, this will be his first fight for Bare Knuckle FC. His last boxing match was a loss to Sam Eggington back in March 2017.

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