Stomping Grounds preview: Super ShowDown rematches head up Sunday's pay-per-view

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre will face-off again at Stomping Grounds

The excitement levels for WWE's next pay-per-view Stomping Grounds this Sunday are not high to say the very least.

Coming out of Super ShowDown less than two weeks ago saw a lot of rematches from that event and previous in 2019 being booked, which has caused a bit of dissatisfaction.

That reflects in the ticket sales, with several unsold tickets around ringside which is unusual for a pay-per-view, and considering it's inside the 23,000-seater Tacoma Dome it is going to look very sparse currently.

Let's run through the matches and betting odds for this Sunday's encounters.

Seth Rollins [c] v Baron Corbin - Special Guest Referee match for Universal Championship

Baron Corbin will be looking to leave Tacoma with Seth Rollins' Universal Championship

Corbin lost to Rollins at Super ShowDown after berating the referee, which made him turn his back in the process and the Beastslayer rolled Corbin up to retain his title.

For some reason though the former interim Raw GM was given another chance at Rollins, and there will be a special referee in charge of the match.

We will find who that is on Sunday, and the odds of SkyBet say that Rollins is a clear, clear favourite to leave Tacoma as the champion.

Odds: Seth Rollins [1/8], Baron Corbin [9/2]

Kofi Kingston [c] v Dolph Ziggler - Steel Cage match for WWE Championship

Dolph Ziggler will get another shot at Kofi Kingston's WWE Title at Stomping Grounds

Another Super ShowDown rematch sees the recently-returned Dolph Ziggler face Kofi Kingston again for the WWE Championship.

This time though it's in the confines of a Steel Cage, and Ziggler's 'it should have been me' promos have continued.

Bookmakers don't give Ziggler a chance though, with Kofi another wide-margin favourite to retain his championship.

Odds: Kofi Kingston [1/9], Dolph Ziggler [5/1]

Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre will once again look to get the upper hand on Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds

Whilst this isn't a rematch from Saudi Arabia, Reigns and McIntyre fought at WrestleMania 35, with Reigns taking the victory.

But since then, McIntyre has aligned himself with Shane McMahon who has become embroiled in a feud with The Big Dog.

His assistance helped McMahon pick up a huge win over Reigns at Super ShowDown, and Shane-o-Mac will be lurking in the shadows when the two go to war again, with Reigns a slight favourite.

Odds: Drew McIntyre [10/11], Roman Reigns [4/5]

Becky Lynch [c] v Lacey Evans - Raw Women's Championship

Lacey Evans will get another shot at Becky Lynch at Super ShowDown

This one is a repeat of their Money In The Bank bout, where Evans tapped to a DisArmHer.

With the Raw women's division lacking depth though, Evans gets another shot at the Lasskicker, but it's expected to be another success for Lynch.

Odds: Becky Lynch [2/7], Lacey Evans [5/2]

Bayley [c] v Alexa Bliss - SmackDown Women's Championship

Alexa Bliss will once again face Bayley at a pay-per-view

After cashing in her Money In The Bank briefcase the same night she won it, Bayley started a new era on SmackDown as their Women's Champion.

But using the power of the Wild Card Rule, her former nemesis Bliss will oppose her this Sunday.

Bliss hasn't wrestled much at all recently, and bookmakers have the champion favourite to retain.

Odds: Bayley [1/6], Alexa Bliss [7/2]

Samoa Joe [c] v Ricochet - United States Championship

Samoa Joe attacks Ricochet after the high-flyer secured a match against the U.S. Champion

After overcoming four big hitters on Raw, Ricochet will challenge for a singles title on the main roster for the first time.

But he will come up against the monstrous Samoan Submission Machine, who has only just got his title back by default after Rey Mysterio relinquished it due to injury.

It would be harsh to see Joe lose again so shortly after he got the title back, but there's clearly big plans for Ricochet on the main roster.

Odds: Samoa Joe [4/11], Ricochet [2/1]

Daniel Bryan & Rowan [c] v Heavy Machinery - SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Otis and Tucker of Heavy Machinery are eyeing up Daniel Bryan and Rowan's Tag Team titles

We will finally see Bryan and Rowan defend their titles against the physically imposing duo of Otis and Tucker.

The mini-feud wrote itself anyway, with Bryan being a vegan planet protector and Heavy Machinery being massive meat eaters.

Bookies are confident that the champions will leave the Tacoma Dome with their belts intact.

Odds: Bryan & Rowan [2/7], Heavy Machinery [5/2]

Big E & Xavier Woods v Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn on the offense against Xavier Woods on SmackDown Live

After being defeated by Kofi Kingston at Money In The Bank, Owens has continued his feud with The New Day as a whole.

And following his return from a knee injury after being taken out backstage, Big E believes Owens was the perpetrator, which has led to this match - but SkyBet can't split them.

Odds: Big E & Woods [5/6], Owens & Zayn [5/6]

Tony Nese [c] v Akira Tozawa v Drew Gulak - Triple Threat match for Cruiserweight Championship

Tony Nese will defend his Cruiserweight title against Akira Tozawa [pictured] and Drew Gulak

205 Live's stars will take their talents to pay-per-view again, with Nese coming off his successful defence against Ariya Daivari at Money In The Bank and going into a three-way dance.

Gulak and former Cruiserweight Champion Tozawa will be his competition, but Nese is favourite to retain.

Odds: Tony Nese [2/5], Akira Tozawa [4/1], Drew Gulak [4/1]

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