Kane thinks fans should appreciate Undertaker vs Goldberg WWE Super ShowDown match


WWE Super ShowDown received heavy criticism from fans in large part due to the poor main event match between The Undertaker and Goldberg.

The match was filled with errors and botches straight from when the bell rang. Goldberg even came down to the ring with blood on his head as he still hasn't stopped headbutting something before his matches.

With so many errors and botches, either superstar could have picked up a serious injury in the match. Thankfully, it looks like neither wrestling legend was seriously hurt, apart from Goldberg knocking himself out on the ring post.

Fans are now urging both The Undertaker and Goldberg to strongly consider retirement and no longer accept any in-ring booking from WWE again no matter what the offer is.

Speaking recently on Busted Open Radio, Kane commented on the Undertaker vs Goldberg match from Super ShowDown and the criticism they received, stating regardless of the circumstances, the match should be appreciated.

Kane said, via Wrestling Inc: "Bill knocked himself out. You could see he was struggling to finish the match. You kind of have to take that into account. They went out there and did the best they could under those circumstances.

"If you asked Bill and Taker if they wanted to it again, they would say yeah. Instead of being critical about it people should say I never thought I would see that match happen."

The Red Machine argued as well that fans are becoming too critical of WWE and should just enjoy the moment.


He said: "I think often people are too critical and should just enjoy the moment,' Jacobs exclaimed. "That has been my thought for a long time. Unfortunately, as great as social media and our connectivity is, there is so much negativity. That really turns me off.

"I'm like 'Gosh guys, if I wanted to go get yelled at, 'I could go anywhere and get yelled at. Why would I want to go online and see that stuff?'"

In reality, we probably haven't seen The Undertaker or Goldberg perform in the WWE for the final time, but they both should strongly think about how many more times they want to step foot inside the squared circle for a match for the sake of their health.

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