Roman Reigns' feud with Shane McMahon isn't over despite beating Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds

Shane McMahon hits a Coast To Coast on Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown

It may have been made out like one of the more tiresome WWE feuds had ended at Stomping Grounds tonight - but it is far from over.

Ever since Roman Reigns switched over to SmackDown during the Superstar Shakeup [the one that was really inconsequential due to the Wild Card Rule] and struck Vince McMahon, The Big Dog has become embroiled in a feud with Shane McMahon.

Whilst he still had The Miz to deal with at Money In The Bank, Shane-o-Mac had Elias do his dirty work for him but it was a losing effort for The Drifter against Reigns.

McMahon finally got in the ring with Reigns at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago, and thanks to the assistance of his newest henchman Drew McIntyre, Shane surprisingly left Jeddah victorious.

That result has seemingly made Shane even more frustrating to watch, with fans complaining about the screen-time he now possesses and how it is taking away from superstars who need it more.

The build-up to Stomping Grounds has seen McMahon continue to antagonise Reigns after his victory in the Middle East, which led to a WrestleMania rematch being made between McIntyre and the former WWE and Universal Champion.

Some of the WWE Universe would have been hoping for a McIntyre victory, a badly-needed one after he's suffered over the past few months with his booking.

But even though McMahon interfered and hit Reigns with a Coast To Coast during the match, McIntyre still wasn't able to get the job done and Reigns finished him off with a second Spear.

Michael Cole insinuated post-match through commentary that Reigns would be done feuding with Vince's favourite [and only] son after a 'decisive' victory.

That was far from the truth.

Roman Reigns is seemingly not done feuding with Shane McMahon - despite commentary suggesting he was

In a backstage segment later on in the evening, McMahon created a match for Monday Night Raw which will pit himself and McIntyre in a two-on-one handicap match against the outnumbered Reigns.

There will be a lot of people hoping this rivalry isn't being dragged out until Extreme Rules, or God forbid SummerSlam, but it could be a realistic possibility considering how much time McMahon has spent on Raw and SmackDown in recent weeks and months.

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