Fans mock WWE at Stomping Grounds after they curtain off half of 23,000-seater Tacoma Dome


The message was sent as clear as day by wrestling fans to WWE before, during, and after Stomping Grounds had taken place, it's time for a change.

Out of the nine matches which took place at Stomping Grounds, only one or two didn't live up to the expectation of which fans expected.

Overall, all the superstars who put their bodies on the line on Sunday at the show put on a fantastic wrestling performance inside the squared circle.

From the Cruiserweights on the preshow, to the tag team matches, to the title matches and the main event itself, there wasn't really a bad match on the entire card, just a few that were under par.

However, the wrestling performances inside the ring at Stomping Grounds will be overshadowed by the fan reaction at the show to WWE creative, and rightfully so.


Entering Stomping Grounds, fans were vastly underwhelmed by WWE's creative and booking of matches for the show, as four out of the nine for the show were rematches of bouts that had recently taken place on other shows.

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin and Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler had taken place at Super ShowDown two weeks ago, Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans had already happened at Money in the Bank in May, while Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre took place already at WrestleMania 35.


Arena magic

Fans showed their annoyance with WWE booking by refusing to attend Stomping Grounds live. As a result, WWE didn't sell all of their tickets inside the 23,000-seater Tacoma Dome and they had to curtain off parts of the arena.

Thanks to the curtains and clever camera angles on WWE's broadcast of the show, fans at home wouldn't have noticed that this was the case, but there were plenty of fans who went to watch Stomping Grounds live that were taking pictures of the magic in action.

Creative anger chant

Many fans as well haven't been happy with WWE creative for the lack of challengers for the top titles in the men's and women's divisions. They're also not happy with WWE pushing the real-life relationship of Rollins and Lynch.

After it became clear that this relationship would be a significant point of interest during the main event of Stomping Grounds when Corbin announced that Evans would be the special guest referee for his match vs Rollins, fans lost it.

Throughout Rollins vs Corbin, fans voiced their displeasure by chanting “This is stupid," “AEW,” “Daniel Bryan,” “CM Punk,” “Boring,” “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks,” “NXT!,” and “Becky, Becky, Becky.”


Some of these chants, like 'AEW' will likely be edited out of any future highlights of Stomping Grounds which WWE releases. However, it doesn't make the fan anger disappear.

That fan unhappiness isn't going to go away until WWE improve their booking and creative, and hopefully with these rematch feuds ending conclusively at Stomping Grounds, we can now see some fresh storylines.

WWE superstars showed on Sunday why they're some of the best wrestlers in the world with some fantastic in-ring wrestling. It's time their creative team stepped up to the same standard.

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