WWE could soon have matches with rounds on Raw and SmackDown


WWE reportedly is bringing a stop to having wrestling matches continue during the commercial breaks on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, adjusting their match presentation.

In the past, fans have usually been frustrated when watching a match on Raw and SmackDown as it would start to get intense and intriguing, only for an ad break to occur and break the flow for the viewer.

A report from Wrestling Observer Radio at the weekend revealed Vince McMahon held a meeting last week and told everyone that there will be no more wrestling during commercial breaks. The idea is since legit sports don't continue to play during ad breaks, WWE doesn't want to either.

This is why there were so many two-out-of-three falls matches on Raw and SmackDown last week, as the break between the falls would allow WWE to go to a commercial break without taking any wrestling away from fans watching at home.

Adding to this, PWInsider has reported that all WWE TV matches are now to end within the same segment and will not run over the course of multiple segments.

This match presentation style came in to play on last Monday's Raw, which is why a number of matches on the show were so short.

The exception to the rule is when they have matches with multiple falls as each fall would take place per segment, allowing for a commercial break in between.

WWE is also considering the idea of trying matches with multiple rounds, potentially one that would be similar to the old European rounds system.

Matches would have six five-minute rounds and whoever scores two falls or knocks their opponent out wins.


There's no word yet on if they will move forward with this idea, but it was pitched at some point in the last few weeks.

Overall, it would be hugely beneficial for their viewers at home if WWE went with this idea from time to time, and it could possibly boost TV ratings.

However, fans shouldn't get overexcited about WWE sticking to this, as several recent changes on their programming have already been forgotten about.

WWE has introduced and almost immediately dropped dimming the lights in the third hour of Raw as well as the 'Electric Chair' segment from their programming over the past couple of months.


They've also gone back on their word of not booking rematches, as four rematches of bouts which recently happened at WWE events took place at Stomping Grounds on Sunday night.

WWE no longer having wrestling taking place during commercial breaks is great for fans watching Raw and SmackDown at home, and hopefully the company is able to find a way to make it stick for good.

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