Luis Suarez went full Luis Suarez during Chile 0-1 Uruguay


On the fifth anniversary of his infamous biting incident involving Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, it was somewhat fitting that Luis Suarez played the role of pantomime villain once more against Chile in the Copa America on Monday night.

It’s been a while since the Uruguayan forward did anything that mad.

Although there have been a few controversial incidents in recent years, his behaviour since joining Barcelona in 2014 has improved significantly.

Perhaps he feels less pressure at Barça, where his close friend Lionel Messi is unquestionably the main man and shoulders the responsibility for the team.

Suarez’s previous on-field misdemeanours have often stemmed from frustration. This is a player with a fierce never-say-die mentality and, in the past, this has manifested itself in various unfortunate ways.

However, the 32-year-old is still the main man for his country, and on Monday evening he went full Luis Suarez as he battled to help Uruguay finish top of Group C.

There were two incidents that had football fans talking.


The first occurred in the 22nd minute, with the scores still level at 0-0.

Close the byline, Suarez made Gabriel Arias go to ground before the Chile goalkeeper recovered to stick out an arm and divert the cross behind for a corner.

Suarez, presumably out of pure instinct, appealed for a penalty before swiftly realising that he’d just embarrassed himself.

Yes, ‘keepers are still allowed to handle the ball inside their own box, Luis.

Not long afterwards, Suarez was again appealing to the referee - this time in a bid to get Chile defender Gonzalo Jara punished.

Jara’s offence? Tripping up a pitch invader, sending him sprawling to the turf.

Here's another angle of the incident...

Suarez’s reaction was very animated. He sprinted towards the Brazilian ref Raphael Claus while wagging his finger.

He clearly felt Jara had crossed the line by taking down the pitch invader with a kick.

That the intruder appeared to be wearing a blue and white flag suggested he was Uruguayan, and perhaps this is why Suarez was so incensed - he was sticking up for his compatriot.


Things are never dull when Suarez is on a football pitch.

And he will be in Copa America action again later this week when Uruguay, who beat Chile 1-0 thanks to Edinson Cavani’s late winner, take on Peru for a place in the semi-finals.

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