Will Ospreay calls out Seth Rollins after he says WWE is the 'best pro wrestling in the world'

Seth Rollins

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has caused a commotion, and it's not due to any in-ring actions.

Rollins' tweets during and after Stomping Grounds on Sunday night caught the attention of a lot of people, where he backed WWE to the hilt and called them the 'best pro wrestling on the planet'.

Of course you'd expect a top star to back his company, and he even took shots at wrestling websites that debated his claim.

His words peaked the interest of British high-flyer Will Ospreay, who works for New Japan Pro Wrestling and is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Highly successful British wrestler Will Ospreay has become embroiled in a war of words with WWE star Seth Rollins

When Ospreay decided to discuss Rollins' claim with him by pretty much stating that he was the best, the Kingslayer laughed it off and told the Aerial Assassin that WWE already had a better Ospreay - Ricochet.

Then when Ospreay noted that he had competed in more matches than Rollins in 2019, the Universal Champion fired back in a very non-babyface way.

Rollins told Ospreay that if he wanted to play the numbers game then they could 'compare bank accounts', and Seth's numbers are guaranteed to be significantly larger.

Seth Rollins, pictured with girlfriend Becky Lynch, has decided to get personal with Will Ospreay on Twitter

Some WWE fans have actually scalded Rollins for bringing finances into the argument and it's not really a good look for one of their top face superstars to resort to money brags.

Ospreay seemingly finished the 'discussion' off by saying he is just as consistent and just as good as Rollins, and there has been no response since.

It would be interesting to see what Vince McMahon would think about one of his top stars conversing with a big player from their rivals across the Pacific for the world to see, and it's already gained a lot of traction.

At least if Vince decides to throw the book at Ospreay one day in the future, the storyline and history is already set in stone for he and Rollins to clash inside a WWE ring.

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