Donald Trump name-drops Cristiano Ronaldo while discussing football's gender pay gap


The gender pay gap in football has become an important area of discussion recently.

The sporting world has been delighting in the current Women's World Cup, but the action in France has also brought awareness to the staggering disparity in player wages.

UN Women, an arm of the United Nations, highlighted the statistics this week by comparing Lionel Messi's earnings with players in the women's game. 

The Barcelona star earns an eye-watering $84 million-a-year from his wages, bonuses, commercial deals and other payments.

That's more than double the amount being earned by 1,693 female footballers across the top seven leagues, which comes to a comparatively paltry total of $42.6-million-a-year.

Football's gender pay gap

"One male soccer player makes almost double the combined salaries of all players in the top seven women's soccer leagues," the UN post outlined.

"During the Women's World Cup 2019, join UN Women in demanding equal pay for women in sport."

No matter where you stand on the debate, it's an important conversation to be having and now Donald Trump - one of the world's most powerful figures - has waded into the debate.

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Donald Trump gives his thoughts

"I love watching women's soccer," the US President told The Hill. "They’re really talented.

"I think a lot of it also has to do with the economics. I mean who draws more, where is the money coming in.

"I know that when you have the great stars like [Portugal's Cristiano] Ronaldo and some of these stars… that get paid a lot of money, but they draw hundreds of thousands of people.

"But I haven't taken a position on that at all. I'd have to look at it."

So, in the opinion of Trump, it's understandable that male footballers like Ronaldo and Messi are paid more when you consider the commercial interest and economic brawn they offer.

That isn't necessarily the case in every country, though, with the US Women's team currently embroiled in a lawsuit with U.S. Soccer over wage-related issues. 


We'll have to re-assess the American perspective when Trump has finished having a 'look at it', but it looks as though little change will be happening under his watch.

Football fans: What are your thoughts on Trump's stance? Have your say in the comments section below.

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