Post-Stomping Grounds episode of Raw achieves one of worst attendances in recent history

The top tier of the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett was noticeably empty for Monday Night Raw

It could be fair to say that WWE may have over-performed when it came to Stomping Grounds this past Sunday.

Not much was expected when it came down to it, but Seth Rollins' pep talk on social media seemed to work wonders as there were far more good matches and moments than there were bad.

The less said about the attendance though, the better.

Fan footage from an hour before the show went on-air pictured a very bad setting for WWE, with one whole side of the Tacoma Dome curtained off where the company did not sell any tickets.

Granted the event was a bit last-minute anyway and was moved from San Jose to Tacoma just a few months prior, but WWE pay-per-views never have whole sides curtained off.

The production team had to be extra clever on Sunday to not expose WWE's shortcomings, and the paid attendance was reportedly just between 4,000 and 4,500 people, with upto and extra 1,500 fans with comp tickets and free entry.

For a pay-per-view that's really terrible, and the attendance woes continued into Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon can not be impressed by the recent attendances of WWE's shows, especially Stomping Grounds and Raw

Raw was broadcast just an hour up-state in Everett, and judging off this fan's pictures, the whole upper level and low-level hard camera side were shut off.

And when the numbers were crunched by Dave Meltzer, only 3,500 attended Monday Night Raw - and that is WWE's flagship show.

In-fact, Raw only drew 500 more people than the last SmackDown that was in the same town just four months ago, and Raw normally garners a significantly larger attendance.

These are testing times for WWE and the low attendance could be attributed to a number a of reasons.

When WWE are on the west coast the main show starts at 5PM local time, which means a lot of people would only just be finishing work.

Coupled with the fact that the Pacific Northwest may not be seen as the hotbed it once was [WCW once got over 17,000 fans to attend Spring Stampede in 1999 in the same arena as Stomping Grounds], WWE may at least have some valid excuses.

But attendances have been like this for a while now, especially on SmackDown, and seemingly nothing is being done to draw fans back to the arenas.

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