Booker T: The Undertaker returned to WWE to remove 'bad taste' of Super ShowDown


The Undertaker made a surprise return to WWE this week, appearing on Monday Night Raw to come to the aid of Roman Reigns.

Reigns was being attacked in the middle of the ring by Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at the time, and just as Shane was about to go for a Coast To Coast, Undertaker's gong was heard.

The Deadman appeared in the ring and delivered a Chokeslam to Shane-O-Mac before also issuing a kick to McIntyre to send the heels into retreat outside of the ring.

Later on in the night, it was confirmed that The Undertaker and Reigns would team up to take on Shane and McIntyre in a tag team match at Extreme Rules on July 14.

While Taker's return might have come as a surprise to many WWE fans, Booker T thinks he knows why The Deadman has returned.

Speaking on his podcast, The Hall of Fame, via NoDQ, Booker T believes The Undertaker is back in WWE in order to get rid of the bad taste that was left in his mouth following his poor Super ShowDown match with Goldberg.

He said: “No one thought that they would see The Undertaker this soon after Super ShowDown, in what we would call, ‘the incident.’

"No one thought we would see him this soon, but me personally, I think Undertaker was thinking, ‘Man, I gotta go get this bad taste out of my mouth. I gotta get rid of it and do something to make me forget.


“I am sure The Undertaker was feeling the same way I was feeling knowing that people were going to bring it up until the rest of his wrestling career. And they probably still will.

"But just for himself, after going out there tonight and watching The Undertaker just a few minutes ago, it felt like The Undertaker of old... I’m serious. Now he is going to be in a match.


"This is the perfect way to bring The Undertaker into the fold, because Roman Reigns has been going through a lot of trouble with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, so what better way to sell this than to bring someone to back him up?

"Who is bigger? Who is the biggest name you can get in this business than The Undertaker? So I say come back out, and wash that little dirt off of you, and give the people what they want to see."

Booker T also played with the idea that this could potentially be The Deadman's final match in WWE.


He said: "Is this The Undertaker’s last match? That is the one thing. If it is the last match then you don’t want it to go down like it did at Super ShowDown. You don’t want that for yourself, or for your kids, or legacy. So you say, ‘Hey man, I have to go out here and do a re-do.'"

While it's unclear that his match at Extreme Rules will be his last, many WWE fans will just be hoping that the match will be better than what he produced with Goldberg at Saudi Arabia.

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