Remembering the tale of Tyson Fury, a French bar and €1,000 worth of Jagerbombs

  • Alex Turk

Three years ago on this very day, Roy Hodgson’s England succumbed to one of the nation’s most humiliating defeats of all-time as Iceland sent the Three Lions packing from Euro 2016 in France.

It was on the night before, though, where something unforgettable happened to those loyal supporters representing the country by flooding each and every bar in the centre of Nice.

During his three-year hiatus from the boxing ring, Tyson Fury marched the cobbled streets of east-southern France, cheering on his country and, all-in-all, having a whale of a time.

In one particular pub, the 6ft 9in heavyweight champion strolled in, much to the surprise of those sat outside with their pints and cigarettes, and summoned each and every fan to the bar.

In outrageous Fury fashion, he began asking those in awe of his presence what they wanted – and it’s not like an English tourist to turn down a free drink or two.

The request cued a cry from the distance: “200 Jagerbombs.” A request that Fury was happy to play up to and a request that forced the staff to go to the back to restock the beverage.

Happy to pay the bill of €1,000 so everyone could have a good night, the Gypsy King posed for a photo and let the party commence.

Later in the night, he posted a picture of that sizeable bill on Twitter, captioned: “This is how much I love my fans, Euro 2016, 200 Jagerbombs, for the fans.”

The fans in attendance could have perhaps needed 200 Jagerbombs each after watching the game they were there to see, but Fury’s act of generosity and kindness must have made the trip worth it.

Years later and the 30-year-old is back to his best, still undefeated, and continuing to attract plenty of positive attention towards boxing.

Never change, Tyson!

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