Booker T critiques NXT star Matt Riddle over Goldberg comments; offers to give him wrestling lessons

Booker T

NXT superstar Matt Riddle clearly gives zero hoots about getting into trouble with the top brass of WWE if his comments on Goldberg were anything to go by.

During his horror show of a performance against The Undertaker, Goldberg was criticised by Riddle on social media for his attempt of a knee-bar during the match.

Riddle then went on to call the WCW legend the 'worst wrestler in the business' - in a video which was promptly deleted but seen by enough people.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Riddle stated there were no issues with his call-outs from WWE staff, simply because he told them he was legit and what he was like before he signed.

One thing you can't criticise Riddle for though is his wrestling ability.

After being dismissed from the UFC, Riddle carved himself an impressive resumé on the independent scene, which led to his signing by WWE.

The 'King of Bros' has already proved himself to be a huge asset to the black and gold brand, but two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has offered him some advice on his ESPN podcast with Brad Gilmore.

Booker T has been highly critical of Matt Riddle after he slated Goldberg's Super ShowDown performance

"I was listening to Matt Riddle talk about Goldberg. I got a chance to watch Matt Riddle work. This guy needs a lot of work," said the six-time world champion, per WrestlingInc.

You talk about somebody that needs to work on their craft? This Matt Riddle needs to work on his craft and that's coming from Booker T. 

"I wish Matt Riddle would come down to my school and get a first class wrestling 101 training.

"Before Matt Riddle starts talking about anybody, Matt Riddle needs to work on his game and work on it very hard and that's coming from a Hall of Famer. That's coming from one of the best in the business.

Riddle has laughed off Booker's criticism on social media

"Matt Riddle can say whatever he wants to say about Booker T but I was top five in the world," Booker continued.

"I hovered somewhere in that top five echelon. Was I number one? I don't know, I can't answer that question but I knew I was good. I was real good and some nights I was perfect. Hey Matt Riddle, work on your game kid. That's coming from the five-time champ."

Booker's take will be unpopular as Riddle is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers currently signed to WWE.

Riddle himself has laughed off the criticism, but no-one would be surprised if shots were fired back from the Super-Bro himself.

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