Argentina’s Rodrigo De Paul tackled by a pigeon during Venezuela match


Think you’ve seen everything in football? Think again.

Have you ever seen a footballer get tackled by an animal?

Not just any animal, either - but a humble pigeon.

This is exactly what happened to Argentina winger Rodrigo De Paul during Friday’s Copa America clash against Venezuela in Rio de Janeiro.

The 25-year-old, who plies his trade for Udinese, ended up losing possession after rolling the ball into the path of the bird.

Quite why the pigeon thought it was a good idea to have a quick rest on the Maracana pitch during a Copa America quarter-final is anybody’s guess.

One moment he was sitting there minding his own business, and the next a football was rolling over his head.

Watch it here…

Manchester United should probably consider putting in a cheeky bid for this pigeon.

He’d probably be an upgrade on Phil Jones.

Fortunately, the bird appeared to be perfectly fine following the incident.

He flew off, presumably to tell his mates that he’d just tackled an Argentina international footballer.


If anything, though, the referee should have booked the pigeon.

Surely that tackle was worth at least a yellow card?

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