Should R-Truth be given another title challenge run in WWE?


If you're a WWE fan and thought at the beginning of 2019 that R-Truth would be the biggest hitter when it comes to online numbers halfway through the year, then no-one would've believed you.

The wrestling veteran in the last few years has very much been an afterthought when it comes to WWE programming.

But since his partnership with Carmella began last year, a new lease of life has crept through Truth.

'The Fabulous Truth' became the winners of the second edition of the Mixed Match Challenge, and their popularity grew with every week of being on television.

His stock continued to rise and was given a United States Championship run in early 2019, whilst still making fans last despite now having to defend a belt seriously.

Truth's reign would only last a month, but the introduction of the 24/7 Championship in May ascended him to new heights.

With the belt being active for little over a month, Truth is now an eight-time champion and has been involved in some of the most hilarious skits, such as pinning Jinder Mahal on an aeroplane and invading Drake Maverick's wedding.

As of writing, Truth's last segments have gained 2.6 million, 1.8 million, 1.2 million and 2.4 million views on YouTube respectively - and they were all just on this week's Raw and SmackDown.

Eight-time 24/7 Champion R-Truth is garnering huge numbers for WWE on social media

The aeroplane title win is close to 9 million views and Truth infiltrating Maverick's wedding is almost at 5 million - astronomical numbers in recent terms for WWE.

WWE are known for pushing their social media numbers very intensely, and there's a chance that Vince McMahon could decide to go down a different path with Truth.

There's no reason as to why he needs to stay as a 24/7 Champion forever, and with proven numbers behind his segments [and his own tweets], Truth could realistically challenge for the WWE or Universal Championship this year.

Of course age isn't on his side at 47, but it's not stopped Vince bringing back veterans for one-off matches.

And we are certain that a lot of WWE fans would rather see Truth in the main events than some wrestlers who are getting chances recently.

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