Brechin City FC surely have the most stunning pitch design in world football


Scottish football certainly isn’t revered for its glamour.

Perhaps with the exception of when the Old Firm between Celtic and Rangers comes around, the average fan probably doesn’t pay much attention to the Premier League’s northern neighbours.

Beyond those two giants, it would be a struggle for most to name too many more members of the country’s football pyramid.

But with a lack of high-profile names on the books, one Scottish club has resorted to more creative means of drawing attention.

Brechin City FC - who currently compete in Scotland’s League Two - might just have the most beautiful pitch in world football.

After failing to survive relegation in the 2018-19 season, the City kick off their preparations for the new campaign against Dundee FC on Saturday.

The friendly will take place at Brechin City’s Glebe Park - a 100-year-old ground with room for just over 4,000 spectators.

Don’t be fooled by the venue's age or modest capacity, though; the playing surface wouldn’t look out of place in any top-flight competition.

The Glebe Park turf even has the looks to complement its quality.

The ground staff - whose job titles should probably include the word artist - have mown a swirly pattern into the pitch for the new campaign - and it looks brilliant.

Check out this aerial image taken by a drone…


Brechin City cheekily referred to it as "the most stunning ground in Scottish football" and many on social media have been offering equally high praise.

One Twitter user said:

“If this isn't a photoshop job then the groundskeepers deserve the biggest medal in the entire history of groundskeeping.”

“Outstanding work by the groundsmen… Kilmarnock, Livingston and Hamilton should take note,” said another.

A third described it as: “A real bucket list ground.”


It’s a great shame that strict regulations prevent Premier League clubs from producing similar masterpieces.

Leicester City and Southampton boasted experimental pitch patterns until any markings other than the traditional horizontal and white lines were banned in August 2017.

That said, even though such patterns are nice to look at, they must be a nightmare for assistant referees.

What’s the best pitch design you’ve ever seen? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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