Adidas to make England's Ellen White an overnight millionaire if they win the World Cup

It’s been an incredible summer for The Lionesses at this year’s World Cup in France.

Phil Neville’s side have secured their spot in this tournament’s semi-final and it’s safe to say that the whole country is behind them.

For each of those women, World Cup victory could be achieved if they are to defeat world number one, USA and see success in the following final.

Although the women will be graced with glory and a medal – for two Lionesses, there will an extra incentive to gain the top spot.

According to The Mail Online, Adidas are set to make players, Ellen White and Millie Bright ‘overnight millionaires’ through a hefty bonus if they are to win the World Cup. 

The sports company have promised to match the bonus paid to the France World Cup winning team in 2018.

Nice work, Adidas.

With this agreement, it’s great to see the desire to abolish the gender pay gap that is currently an issue in mainstream society today.

Aside from winning the World Cup, Ellen White could potentially be in with an additional bonus if she is to win the Golden Boot – a lump sum similar to what was paid to Harry Kane in last year’s World Cup in Russia.

Ellen White sits in the front running position in the Golden Boot race, alongside USA’s Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe on a total of five goals.

With Neville’s side seeing success at this year’s tournament, BBC have raked in audiences of up to 7.6 million – a figure that was gained in their 3-0 victory against Norway.

If the England women are to lift the trophy, the English FA have also promised to pay each of the players a fee of £50,000.

A drop in the ocean in comparison to figures paid to men in this sport, however – it’s a start.

With that being said, the statement itself is more than just the money. It will go to prove that the women of England can see success, and not be overshadowed by men in the sport.

It’s great to see that millions are turning out to support the girls – both in their living rooms and in the stadiums.

The 11 players are doing the country proud and we can only hope that they will be lifting that trophy on July 7th.

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