Thiago Silva names Lionel Messi as 'the greatest player in history'

The debate regarding the greatest football player of all time, is a conversation that comes up between every group of mates at the pub, at work or maybe even during the inevitable small talk that takes place with an Uber driver.

Many names have been thrown into the hat over the years, from Pele and Maradona to Zidane and the Brazilian Ronaldo.

The answer is merely subjective but it doesn’t stop us fighting our case to the hilt. 

The main two superstars mentioned in the current era as potential names to have earnt such a title are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

It’s been said a thousand times, but Messi and Ronaldo are cut above the rest and have been for over a decade now.

Age may be catching up with both of them – having a combined age of 66 – but their undeniable talent, fitness and passion for the game have shown no signs of dwindling.

It is rare to find a fan that does not side with either the Portuguese or the Argentine, with allegiances to both players causing a clear divide between the football faithful.

One top class player, Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil defender Thiago Silva, has had his say on the argument, and may surprise a few due to their South American rivalry.

“For me, Messi is the greatest player in history, the greatest player I’ve ever seen,” the centre back told a news conference on Saturday.

“Every time we face each other, whether in the national team or in the Champions League, it’s very difficult to face him,” he said.

Thiago Silva was at the back for PSG when Barcelona made that famous Champions League comeback against the French champions, winning the second leg 6-1 and win 6-5 on aggregate.

“No matter how much you study, you will never understand the quality he has and the difference he can make.”

It will be Silva vs Messi in the Copa America semi-final on Tuesday, and Silva will be hoping the 32-year-old cannot make a difference.

“At certain times, he pulls something else out of the hat that you cannot imagine. That’s his difference.

“As a centre-back you have to study all the possibilities. We know he always pulls left, but many times he pulls right.”

There is no doubt that Messi’s low centre of gravity and dribbling ability are a joy to behold, however there will be a select group of CR7 fans chomping at the bit to respond.

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