Pep: 'I would like the Champions League but the league is what makes the players follow you'

Guardiola believes the domestic title is superior to the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola's post-Barcelona career has been stellar.

He's lifted five of the six domestic titles that he's competed for with Bayern Munich and Manchester City, setting record point-hauls in the process.

All while playing some of the best football either country has seen.

He's added three domestic cups, too, although it's certainly the league where he shines.

Missing from that list, however, is the Champions League - something he hasn't won since Barcelona.

There he won it twice, but his attempts since have been underwhelming to say the least, not even reaching a final.

It's something that has been highlighted before but the spotlight was really put on it with Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp's, victory this season and back-to-back final appearances.

But according to Guardiola, he doesn't believe he should be judged on the competition - it's the domestic title that really matters.

“Winning is very addictive and gives you energy. This gives you the league, no more competition," he told Ara, via the Manchester Evening News.

Guardiola retained the Premier League title last season.

“That's why when they tell me ‘But he has not won the Champions League’, I answer that I would like to clarify that I would like the Champions League, but the league is what makes the players follow you, because every three days you win.

“Instead, when you lose, players stop believing in you. The league puts you in place.

“That is why I have had it, from managing the [Barcelona] B team, as the absolute priority.

“I can not leave everything at random from a less controllable competition such as the Champions League or the cups, as they are in England.”

He does have a point, it should be said - even if it does benefit him to preach this.

But Jurgen Klopp lifted the Champions League.

Consistency is shown through the league and the best team is, typically, the one who wins the title.

Whereas we have seen plenty of sub-par teams conquer Europe - no one would argue that Chelsea in 2012 or Liverpool in 2005 were the best on the continent.

But it is a bit strange how Guardiola's City consistently fail in Europe, considering the money spent and the team they have.

Random or not, they should probably at least make a final soon.

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