Tony Khan states Cody Rhodes taking a chair shot to the head at Fyter Fest was 'regrettable'

Tony Khan

The average wrestling fan loves a match involving various weapons and stipulations, and Attitude Era fans in particular seemed to like nothing more than when a superstar would go wild with a steel chair back in the day.

But head shots have been pretty much eradicated in most major wrestling promotions.

Chair shots to the head were banned by WWE in January 2010, following an amendment in the Talent Wellness Program.

Several former wrestlers have been diagnosed with CTE [chronic traumatic encephalopathy], such as Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, Balls Mahoney and more recently Andrew 'Test' Martin, and the examination of Chris Benoit's brain following his death was consistent in the findings of CTE research.

Cody Rhodes though seemingly hadn't got the memo though as he took his talents to All Elite Wrestling.

After Rhodes wrestled to a time-limit draw with Darby Allin at Fyter Fest yesterday, Shawn Spears, formerly Tye Dillinger of WWE, stepped into the ring and walloped him over the head with a chair, an act not seen in a mainstream promotion for some time.

It opened up a considerable gash on the back of Rhodes' head, which needed 12 stitches to close up, but more interestingly Jim Ross stated on commentary that AEW takes concussion protocols very seriously.

The Young Bucks stated following the event that the chair Spears hit Rhodes with was 'gimmicked', however something went clearly wrong and it looked as though Cody was hit with the backrest of the chair.

AEW's owner Tony Khan also spoke out on the matter, and it sounded as though he wished the spot had never happened.

Cody Rhodes taking a chair shot to the head at Fyter Fest was a big talking point on social media

”It’s obviously really regrettable what happened," stated Khan, per Cageside Seats.

"I don’t know if this is the time to go into detail about what happened but we had taken precautions in this situation, in that specific situation, and a doctor was available.

"Cody does not have a concussion - he has staples - and we’re all very grateful for that.

”All I’m going to say to you guys on it right now, and I will talk about it more in detail, but you could build the safest airplane in the world and if there’s pilot error there’s pilot error. That was not good."

Reading between the lines, the chair that Rhodes was hit with may have not been mainly steel after all, but he was just unfortunate to be struck by the little part of the chair that was still real.

You can bet your bottom dollar now that AEW will not be pulling off a stunt like that again anytime soon.

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