Ball boy helped off outside court at Wimbledon by medical team after collapsing


In the midst of all the excitement of Wimbledon, a ball boy fainted after being exposed to the intense heat and was forced to be carried away on the opening day of the tournament.

Very few expected the sudden week of sweltering heat to hit the UK and it has seemed to take its toll on the biggest tournament in tennis.

During a match on court 11 between Feliciano Lopez and Marcos Giron, the youngster was applauded off after suffering from the high temperatures.

Court 11 is one of the outside arenas meaning that there is no shade to protect the workers from the direct sunlight all match – different from the Centre Court or the infamous Court One.

Temperatures reached no higher then 22 degrees, but may feel like far more when exposed to it for the majority of the day.

The ball boys are given only a cap to protect them from the heat and do not get to sit down and have a little break in between every set. Instead, teams of six rotate every hour to get out the way of the sun.

After collapsing, the young man was attended to by line judges who then escorted him away to receive further treatment.

The candidates for the work are chosen and selected from various local schools and whittled down from around 1,000 candidates to the lucky 250.

They are then exposed to training which starts in February when it perhaps isn’t as warm as it might be in July. Their training includes: fitness, court work and knowledge of the sport.


It is estimated that the workers earn just over £200 for the two weeks work… and get to keep the snazzy Ralph Lauren uniform.

Away from the incident, Feliciano Lopez - who won the singles and doubles with Andy Murray at Queen's last month - secured a 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 win over Marcos Giron.

Lopez was given a wildcard by the All England Club for the Championships and took just an hour-and-a-half to despatch his opponent.

He will face Karen Khachanov or Soonwoo Kwon on Wednesday where temperatures are expected to remain as high as 22 degrees.

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