WWE botched the debut of NXT Tag Team Champions Street Profits on Monday Night Raw

The Street Profits

The most recent WWE Superstar Shake-up has been long left in the past, but it's not stopped the rosters being freshened up slightly in July.

To be fair, the Shake-up was rendered pretty much pointless a few weeks after it was implemented due to the newest WWE strategy - the Wild Card Rule.

The likes of Roman Reigns switched brands but not long after were still broadcast on the show they had been on for the last few years.

It also saw several superstars brought to the main roster from 205 Live and NXT, most of whom haven't had a chance to shine yet.

The Viking Raiders have only just returned to television after not being booked for a month, Cedric Alexander is chasing the 24/7 Championship with jobbers and former Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy has gone AWOL.

With all that being said, what are WWE thinking by seemingly now calling up the current NXT Tag Team Champions?

That's right, the Street Profits - Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins - made a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw in a backstage interview segment with Charly Caruso.

The charismatic duo stated that they 'wanted the smoke' and danced with Charly Caruso, but as of right now it's unclear as to whether or not the plans are to officially bring them to the main roster of if it was a one-off appearance.

Fans at home though knew the pair were arriving though from the opening minutes of the show, as a member of the production team accidentally spoilt the surprise.

Way to ruin the moment, WWE.

Dawkins and Ford's night wasn't done with that one promo though, as they interrupted new Executive Director of Raw Paul Heyman's interview with Caruso [his new role wasn't referenced].

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford made their main roster debut appearance on Raw last night

We hope the fact that Ford stroked Heyman's head and antagonised him doesn't mean that the Profits will be buried by Lesnar next week on Raw - they're too good for that.

But if they're not immediately coming to the main roster it would be strange to just randomly introduce them like this, and NXT could soon be without Tag Team Champions once again.

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