WWE fans brand Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins' Raw interview as 'cringeworthy'

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

WWE has been without a power couple for some time now, but it seems we've finally found one in Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

Of course the Stephanie McMahon and Triple H marriage is still going but we rarely see either of them on Raw or SmackDown nowadays.

But when Lynch and Rollins officially announced their relationship on social media in May, you could sense it was only a matter of time until WWE brought their real-life thing to the screen.

There had been split-second glimpses of the two acknowledging each other on television recently, but it was at Stomping Grounds last Sunday where the two achieved power couple status.

Lynch helped her boyfriend fend off the attack of Lacey Evans in his match against Baron Corbin, and the two stood tall to end the show.

And at Extreme Rules, Rollins and Lynch will face Corbin and Evans in an Extreme Rules tag team match, in which the winning team will go home with both the Universal Championship and the Raw Women's Championship.

You'd think the reaction to the Kingslayer and the Lasskicker being in a couples storyline would be positive due to them both being fan-favourites, but their latest promo on Raw has gotten negative reviews.

Below is just a snippet of their backstage segment with Charly Caruso, but fans are seemingly revolting on the couple.

One fan stated that they have the 'worst chemistry ever' and several others dubbed the segment 'cringe'.

It didn't help matters even further that they were pitted into a tag team match against Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike, in which she branded Mike her 'b**ch'.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch picked up a victory on Raw but their backstage interview has gotten negative responses

Maria proceeded to humiliate her husband during the match, and then stated after their defeat that she might as well get 'The Man' Lynch to impregnate her instead.

The whole segment did no-one any favours whatsoever, and if this kind of narrative is kept up, parts of the WWE Universe could end up turning on Lynch and Rollins for good.

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