Bobby Lashley threatens to 'kill' Braun Strowman the next time they meet

Bobby Lashley

The Paul Heyman Era of Monday Night Raw got off to an explosive start this week - literally.

The former owner of ECW manufactured an exciting opening segment which saw Braun Strowman take on Bobby Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Both men ended up crashing through the LED wall on the stage, which caused an almighty pyro explosion and led to commentator Corey Graves yelling 'holy s**t' down his headset.

WWE later reported that Lashley had received treatment for his injuries, but that Strowman had suffered a 'separated pelvis', which in storyline should rule him out for a little while.

There's rumours floating around that Strowman needs knee surgery and the angle was done to write him off for a little while, but that's just speculation at this point.

The ending to the match meant that there was an inconclusive decision, and the war is clearly not over.

Lashley responded to Strowman via social media yesterday in video form, and he actually made some pretty wild comments.

"You know, as far as I'm concerned Braun got exactly what he deserved," Lashley said.

Bobby Lashley in no uncertain terms has said he wants to kill Braun Strowman the next time they meet

"What he did last night wasn't wrestling. Braun drove me off the stage into a very unsafe area. I could've gotten electrocuted or maybe even something worse. He knew exactly what he was doing and he didn't care.

"You know, I'm all beat up right now, bruised up and everything else, but Braun got the worst of it, as he should've.

"And I can tell you this - next time I see that son of a b***h, I'm not gonna send him to the hospital, I'm gonna send him to the morgue."

Did Lashley insinuate he's going to try and murder Braun Strowman the next time they face-off?

Strowman sent Lashley and himself crashing through Raw's LED stage on Monday

The company would probably not allow that to happen, and it's not exactly PG - but then again with commentators and superstars both swearing in the past few days on television, maybe WWE are testing the waters with some edgier content.

And whilst it's incredibly doubtful this is the way they're going, they could partake in a Buried Alive match if Lashley wants to go down the route of 'killing' Braun - but that's very, very unlikely.

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