AJ Lee has not ruled out returning to WWE one day in the future

AJ Lee

One of the most successful female wrestlers of her generation, AJ Lee helped to change the mould of turning 'divas' into 'superstars'.

It wasn't always like that - for a while she was involved in several on-screen romances and then became the General Manager of Raw.

2013 was the year where AJ became a fully-fledged singles star, and between that year and 2015 she was a three-time Divas Champion, her first reign lasting 295 days.

As the reality show 'Total Divas' began with a large portion of the main female roster, AJ became the sort-of 'anti-diva' and became popular on her skill set, and became the unofficial spokesperson for the 'give divas a chance' movement in 2015.

That was shortly before her retirement, as she hung up her boots shortly after WrestleMania 31 at the age of only 28.

A number of reasons led to her surprising decision, none more so the spinal damage she had suffered throughout her career.

AJ Lee is married to CM Punk, who acrimoniously departed WWE in 2014

She also married CM Punk in 2014, who in the months prior had become embroiled in a messy dispute with the company over his departure, and AJ felt 'stuck in the middle' until she decided to call it quits.

In an interview with Kristine Leahy, AJ was asked about the possibility of ever returning to WWE.

She was pretty non-committal in her response, but AJ did not close the door completely.

"I say 'never say never' because every time I've said never in my life I've ended up doing the thing, like 'I'm never going to date a wrestler' and then I married one," said AJ.

"But I say that, I don't know what the future holds - do not hold your breath but never say never."

AJ is a three-time Divas Champion and was once the longest reigning holder

Despite being two separate people, whilst her husband still holds a grudge towards the company it's unlikely that AJ returns to WWE in the near future.

They could maybe tempt her back for a final run, or for a big match if they decide to go ahead with another all-women's pay-per-view, but there's a lingering feeling that CM Punk chants may take over in some cities.

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