Goldberg hints he's not done with wrestling after Super ShowDown flop v The Undertaker


Wrestling fans will struggle to forget Super ShowDown in a hurry.

It's been nearly a month since WWE's last Saudi Arabia event and it was marred by the main event between Goldberg and The Undertaker.

The week in the lead-up to the event saw the hype for the match rise considerably, even though the two mens combined ages were 106.

Nobody expected a technical masterpiece at all, but it was so sloppy and not helped by Goldberg suffering a concussion early in the bout.

That may have been accelerated by the fact he bashed his head on his dressing room door purposefully before the match, but after he suffered the concussion it all began to fall apart.

The WCW legend botched his Jackhammer finisher and an attempt at the Tombstone Piledriver, before Taker himself botched a Tombstone by jamming Goldberg's head into the mat and then the finishing Chokeslam looked so sloppy.

There were calls on social media from fans for both men to retire from the ring and even NXT star Matt Riddle had some criticisms of Goldberg following the match.

Goldberg's match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown was a bit of a flop

Taker reportedly though wanted to make a quick return to the ring to vanquish any lasting memories of the match - which is why he's partnering Roman Reigns to face Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules.

And it looks like Goldberg may want to trot down the exact same path.

When asked by a fan if he had accomplished everything he wanted in wrestling, the former Universal Champion responded by saying: "The only thing I need to accomplish is to erase the feeling I have from my last performance 🤬."

There seems to be a split opinion on Goldberg's potential return to the ring.

The former Universal Champion has hinted though that he wants to return to the ring to brush off that last performance

On one hand he could probably have a kick-ass five-minute match with many of the main roster, providing he doesn't get hurt.

But after the events of Super ShowDown it's a massive risk and some want him to just stay away from the ring now forever.

With Goldberg's response to the fan though, don't be surprised to see him return for a big event or for another Saudi Arabia show in the near future.

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