GTA 6: Sources claim 'Narcos-inspired' Grand Theft Auto will be next generation exclusive


Rockstar remain tight-lipped about the latest instalment of their lucrative Grand Theft Auto series, especially as they are still making money from GTA V Online.

Having only released the popular Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2018, they may now be ready to take a public shift in focus.

With the leak suggesting development started on GTA VI as early as 2012, unsurprising due to the complexity of games in the Grand Theft Auto series, we are still unlikely to see the final product until 2021 at the earliest, according to the Sun.

According to the leak, it is being developed for Xbox Project Scarlett and the Sony Playstation 5, with no suggestion the game will be playable on the current generation consoles.

Whilst gamers could be unhappy with how long they will have to wait to get their hands on the game, the late release date and next gen exclusivity would mean the game would elicit a more noticeable step up from GTA V.

With GTA V being the most profitable product in entertainment history, it is no surprise that GTA VI would contain an extensive online mode, similar to that of the current instalment in the series. 

The game itself then would supposedly follow only one main playable character, the life of a wannabe drug lord named Ricardo.

According to the leak, it would feature heavy inspiration from Netflix inspiration Narcos - somewhat plausible, considering the leak's claim that development picked up properly on the game in 2015, the same year the show was added to Netflix.

The game would be based in Vice City, which hasn't been since since the Playstation 2 days, but would also feature missions in Liberty City and parts of South America. 


In terms of weapons, according to the leak, the game will draw on previous Rockstar titles Red Dead Redemption 2 and Max Payne, in that you can only make use of weapons you are capable of carrying on your person.

However, it suggests that weapons and other supplies can be carried in the trunk of the player's car.

The game will also be spread out over several years, rather than the shorter time-span we saw in GTA V (discounting the North Yankton foreshadowing introduction). 

So just how plausible is all this, and what can we take from the leak to be definitely true?

Well, it is an unconfirmed leak, and therefore nothing should be interpreted as Gospel. However, many of the claims do make logical sense.


Vice City hasn't been seen since 2002, so it would be logical for the game to return to its take on Miami. That it could be set in the past and based on Narcos also makes some sense - GTA Vice City was based upon 1983's Scarface.

The Reddit poster claims to have a number of games industry sources, but until anything is confirmed or made official, gamers shouldn't be excited or underwhelmed by anything they've read so far.

Even if the game isn't ready for release until 2021, we can expect Rockstar to start dropping hints or minor details about the game in the coming months, and we will be able to wait and see how valid the poster's claims really are.

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