WWE to produce edgier content to avoid losing teenage viewers to AEW


It's fair to say that WWE has reacted well to the rise and the early momentum which AEW has obtained since its inception.

AEW looks set to be WWE's first major challenger in pro wrestling since the Monday Night Wars Era between WWE and WCW during the 1990s.

WWE now looks like it's pulling out all the stops in order to make sure they stay well ahead of AEW in this new wrestling war, especially when it comes to viewership.

This is why fans may have witnessed edgier and non-PG content on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live this week, as one demographic which WWE could suffer heavy losses in as AEW rises is the teenager demographic.

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, WWE will be moving away from the PG direction in favor of edgier material.

Meltzer said, via NoDQ: “They were very aware that they had lost touch with the teenagers. They were afraid of completely losing teenagers, especially when AEW starts. This is a direction they felt they had to go.”

The most notable acts of non-PG content in WWE this week included Corey Graves swearing live on Raw commentary during the opening segment and Kofi Kingston flipping the bird to Samoa Joe during their segment on SmackDown.

Both moments were edited out from WWE's highlights of each segment on YouTube, but WWE is certainly pushing the envelope with edgier content to see if they can hold their teenage demographic.


One of the biggest lures of AEW right now is the violent element of their matches, which certainly is a big appeal to the teenage demographic.

At Fyter Fest, Cody Rhodes was attacked by Shawn Spears with a chair shot to the head, which caused a huge cut to the back of his head.

Blood gushed out of his head and onto the ring which required 10 staples, but thankfully Cody was okay. However, it was one of the most memorable and talked about moments from the show on social media.

With Extreme Rules just under two weeks away, it will be interesting to see if WWE responds to this extreme AEW moment with their own outrageous spot that lives up to the show's name in order to keep up with their new competition. 

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