Lyon Foundation breaks the world record for the longest football match - playing for 68 hours


Most of us have struggled to play 90 minutes of Sunday League Football at least once in our lives. 

No matter how easy the pros make it look every week, running around for a whole game is exhausting.

So imagine playing for part of a match that lasts for 68 hours - sounds like an almost impossible task, right?

Well, not for those involved in the Lyon Foundation. 

The French club have just smashed the world record for the longest game of football ever recorded - playing for almost three straight days. 

The match finished with a quite ridiculous score of 399-369 and you've got to respect the person keeping track of that! 

Per Lyon's official website, a massive 807 participants from 60 different countries took part, with teams taking turns playing five-a-side games for three days and two nights without stopping.

Playing for 68 hours smashed one world record - and another followed shortly after. 


With over 800 people involved in this attempt, the previous record of 677 participants was erased, meaning Lyon's Foundation set two records with their attempt.

There was a reason that all this was happening, of course. 

The match was organised by the Equal Playing Field Association, a charity that aims to share the values of equality between men and women. 


It was also played to promote the exchange between players and players from all countries and to raise awareness about the sport of women in football, with the aim of getting closer to equality.

A great cause then, and one that comes at the perfect time, especially with the Women's World Cup taking place in France. 

Those involved in Lyon's world record attempt will just be happy their game didn't end in a draw - because no one would have wanted to play in a 68-hour replay!

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