Rafael Nadal's intense death stare to Nick Kyrgios after being hit by smash at Wimbledon


All eyes were on Centre Court yesterday for the second-round clash between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, which ultimately turned out to be an enticing encounter, living up to the pre-match billing.

It was Nadal who reigned supreme, outlasting Kyrgios with the final scoreline 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6 in favour of the Spaniard.

However, the contest was never short of drama till the final point.

Kyrgios was back to his tricks, engaging in an argument with the umpire complaining about Nadal taking too much time between serves.

The highlight of the match, however, came in the third set when the Australian star came close to breaking serve and taking a 5-4 lead over his counterpart when he fired a wild forehand directly at Nadal, who had moved into the net.

The ball did not hit him, though, as the world number two managed to block it with his racket, but, later explained how that move from Kyrgios could have had drastic consequences.

Moments after the incident, Nadal was seen giving a fierce stare towards the Aussie.

In the post-match press conference, the two-time Wimbledon champion stated: “It is not dangerous for me, it is dangerous for a line referee, dangerous for a crowd.

“When you hit the ball like this, you don't know where the ball goes.

“I know he's a big talented player, but I am a professional player too. I know when you hit this kind of ball, the ball can go anywhere.”

The 24-year-old, however, insisted he had nothing to apologise for, and in his post-match press conference said: “Why would I apologise? I won the point. I was going for him. I wanted to hit him.

“The dude has got how many Slams, how much money in the bank account? I think he can take a ball to the chest.”

One very memorable afternoon at Wimbledon.

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