Jon Moxley apparently has an 'opt-out' clause in his AEW contract after just one year

Jon Moxley

Since leaving WWE at the end of April, Dean Ambrose has re-found his spirit in pastures new.

The creative frustrations of WWE are behind him and in All Elite Wrestling he can basically do as he pleases, and 'Jon Moxley' has found himself on a collision course with Kenny Omega.

It's not just AEW where he's made his mark though.

In his first-ever appearance for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Moxley became the IGWP United States Champion by defeating Juice Robinson.

There's a real clamour for Moxley now, so much so that he will be competing in the gruelling G1 Climax tournament over in Japan for a whole month.

With his stock never being higher, you'd think WWE are regretting mis-managing him right about now, and it sounded like he burnt all his bridges with his appearance on Talk Is Jericho in May.

But there's every chance that one day Moxley may return to his former home, despite all the criticisms he had about Vince McMahon.

Jon Moxley reportedly has an interesting clause in his AEW contract

According to Rajah, the deal that Moxley signed with AEW is to last three years, but there is an 'opt-out' clause at the one year mark.

That means he could potentially leave Tony Khan's promotion if he felt ready to return to WWE, or if he was unhappy with how things were going.

It would seem unlikely at present as you'd imagine Mox gets a lot more creative freedom in AEW, but you can never say never.

If the report is indeed true, Moxley could have a big decision to make come May of 2020.

With the likes of Paul Heyman now involved in WWE creative, Moxley may want to re-join the company

With Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff now Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown respectively, there's a chance WWE's weekly product may look entirely different come the fifth month of next year.

They're already shifting away from PG content and you just know Heyman and Bischoff would have big plans for a refreshed Dean Ambrose, with hardcore elements he's already showing in AEW.

The issues Moxley had were all creative-based, but with the former leaders of ECW and WCW now pulling major strings, the chances of Mox ever returning to WWE may have slightly improved.

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