Brit catches 'world's biggest carp' in Thailand weighing a staggering 232lbs


A brave Briton has achieved the impossible.

He's somehow managed to catch a carp which scared the scales at a remarkable 232lbs.

John Harvey has broken the world record for catching the largest carp, and he did so in Thailand, although, this record is of course on the basis of popular understanding.

The world’s waters work in mysterious ways, which means there could be an even larger carp skulking the big blue and avoiding attention.

With that being said, it would need to be ginormous as John Harvey's catch of the century, not only has defied rational thinking, but its weight stunningly equates to a full-sized giant panda.

Aged 42, Harvey toiled for one hour and 20 minutes winding the colossus out of the sea, and in doing so, he surpassed the previous record holder by 10lbs.

If anyone has a cast-iron reason to get a tattoo for the purpose of sentimentality, then surely it's Harvey. Getting the words ’Carpe Diem’ tattoed across his most agile arm would be very appropriate, and would probably go down a storm when people find out why he got the tattoo. Also,
it would be a pretty cool conversation opener.

Harvey sensed straight away that it was bigger than normal since he had been fishing at the very same place (Park Tree Lagoon in Chedi Hak) last month, adamantly insisting that the images fail to display the true vastness of the colossus.

Talking to Devon Live, he said: "It was a reasonably quiet day for fishing. Then, at around 4.30pm the cart rod screened off so I ran over to the rod, and straight away felt it was a really big fish. I've done fishing for a while now and you can tell if it's big or not from the bait.


"It was very slow, hard, heavy fish. I had to hang on to it for one hour 20 minutes which was pretty nerve-racking. It might seem a while but sometimes it can be four or five hours stood there holding the rod.

"It was amazing. I've never caught a carp that weighed over 100lbs before. It was absolutely enormous, the pictures do not do it justice at all."

Despite Harvey's new found fame and holding the title of carp catcher extraordinaire, he maintains that he's not interested in breaking records or catching large fish. He's lived in Thailand for 14 years and fishing is simply a recreational pastime that he thoroughly enjoys.

A fishing story for the ages!

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