Nikki Bella has admitted that she felt 'under-appreciated' as a WWE superstar

Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella announced a few weeks ago on The Jimmy Fallon Show that her in-ring career was over, owing to a plethora of injuries.

Having not fought since her match at Evolution against Ronda Rousey last October, she wanted to get back in the ring with her sister Brie to compete for the Women's Tag Team Championships.

But after being medically assessed by doctors, it was revealed that Nikki had herniated a disk, which had inflamed the metal around her surgically-repaired neck, and she was also suffering from a cyst on the brain.

It can be hard for a wrestler who has dedicated their life to the craft to hang up their boots, but thankfully Nikki has carved out a successful career in showbiz for herself and still has the Total Bellas series to fall back on.

Despite accepting her wrestling days are done though, Nikki doesn't understand why her talents weren't very appreciated by a large portion of WWE fans.

Speaking on her Bellas Podcast, Nikki said, per IWNerd: "I love wrestling. I gave 13 years of my life. I beat my body up, it was my world.

"And it’s so sad sometimes when I see the lack of respect or like, not the appreciation, like you know how badly I wish I could go out there and wrestle again and do it for the fans, and do it for us like I have risked my life and I will never get.

Nikki Bella believes she was under-appreciated throughout her WWE career

"And you know what. I’m a human being - sometimes we’d like to be acknowledged or appreciated and the fact that I gave so much and I will never get to stand in that ring and have the ‘Thank you Nikki’ chant, or have just even give my last final words like that’s it.

"I found out Thursday before WrestleMania and I’m done. That’s it. And the people want to blame me like, ‘oh, look you do all those things. She doesn’t care.’ I do care but my life has to go on.

"I have to go look at all those open doors and run right through them like Wonder Woman and take them on. And it’s just like I pray one, Brie, we will be appreciated by that crowd.”

There was a time when the Bellas weren't really considered even 'decent' in-ring talents, but Nikki in-particular took major strides to becoming a good superstar as she evolved.

So maybe she has a point in being under-appreciated, and whether you think she's a good wrestler or not, she has done a lot for the women's division, even when the 'revolution' started, and she's become a household name because of WWE.

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