Forest Green unveil world's first bamboo kit with Zebra stripes to ‘confuse opponents’

You might not be familiar with Forest Green Rovers but they’re certainly a special club.

The Green Army are the only carbon neutral football club on the planet following their commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2018.

They also claim to be the first vegan club in world football after receiving the vegan trademark from the Vegan Society two years ago.

Forest Green are also making waves on the pitch and made Nailsworth the smallest town ever to host a Football League club during their League Two debut in 2017-18.

Like most newcomers, they struggled to set the world alight and escaped relegation by just a single point.

But following their unlikely survival, Forest Green made giant strides last season.

Managed by Mark Cooper, the Rovers finished fifth in League Two before going 2-1 to Tranmere in the play-off semi-finals.

Progress at The New Lawn has been remarkable – and they’ll be looking to carry on their momentum in some unique threads for the 2019-20 campaign.

Forest Green’s new kit is made out of bamboo and features zebra stripes that are designed to ‘confuse opponents’.

Club Chairman Dale Vince supposedly hatched the idea after watching a nature documentary on the African animal, according to The Sun.

Vince said: “The zebras’ unique striping makes it harder for rivals to judge their speed and direction.

“Did you know they used zebra stripes on warships at the start of the Second World War? They did it to confuse the gunners of enemy ships.

“They couldn’t tell which way the ship was steaming, which made it difficult for artillery to be aimed accurately at them.

“So we’re hoping that our opponents will also be confused when they play us and we might even get a competitive advantage.”

While it remains to be seen whether the striking pattern will garner better results on the pitch, you have to tip your hat to Forest Green for their efforts to protect the environment.

The new strip, which is currently available for pre-order, is 50 per cent bamboo – and Vince has plans to produce a completely sustainable shirt in the future.

“Because of the climate change emergency, we’ve got to change the way we live and here at Forest Green we’re always finding things in football that can be changed – such as single-use plastic straws, plastic water bottles, or whatever.

“And where we see these issues we try to tackle them, and say there is a better way of doing this.”

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