Ric Flair opens up about blood clot in his lung during recent health scare


Back in May, Ric Flair had a medical health scare that required multiple surgeries, and although the surgery was planned, complications occurred.

The good news now though is The Nature Boy is out of the hospital and is on the road to a full recovery, but was a scary time for him again and his fans.

The 16-time world champion had three surgeries in the space of five weeks, and during a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, he opened up about his recent health issues.

Flair revealed that his most recent hospital stay was because a blood clot that he’s had in his leg for years somehow made its way to his lung, and it needed to be taken care of before his scheduled heart procedure could take place.

He said: "They found a blood clot in my leg, which I've had for years. But a little piece had gone into my lung and they got rid of that.

"So I spent three days there cleaning it and I had fluid on my heart from all of the anesthesia from the three other surgeries.

"Then they fixed me and it was like night and day. The next day I knew I was as good as I had ever been. Prior to February, I was running at Level 7 on a Treadmill – that's how good I felt."

Flair said despite his recent health scare, he isn't going to be changing his lifestyle anytime soon, but he will limit it a tad.

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He said: "I'm not doing my thing like I used to drinking-wise. I'm gonna have a couple of beers, why not? I've come to realize that alcohol is not what caused the problem. It caused problems with my heart but it didn't cause the intestine problems."

Just two years ago, Flair had major organ failure, and following his recent health scare, his fans will be happy to hear that he's slowing things down a little bit.

It's unclear as to when we'll see The Nature Boy in WWE again, as the last time we saw him was when he helped Triple H beat Batista at WrestleMania 35.

However, fans will just be happy that Flair is on the road towards a full recovery.

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