Liverpool fan working at Starbucks has a meltdown after James Milner walks in


If you could meet any footballer in the world, who would it be?

Cristiano Ronaldo? Lionel Messi? Your local team’s star man?

We all have our favourite footballers and we’d probably be left speechless if we ever bumped into them.

This is what happened to one Liverpool fan working at a branch of Starbucks near Melwood on Saturday afternoon.

James Milner had just finished a pre-season training session with teammate Adam Lallana when the pair decided to grab something to drink at their local Starbucks.

The young lad - presumably a Liverpool fan given his reaction and the questions he was asking - couldn’t believe his eyes after seeing Milner walk in.

Lallana immediately got his phone out and filmed his reaction.


“In fairness - I reacted exactly the same when I first met James Milner,” Lallana wrote on Instagram.

Milner, like the rest of us, found the kid’s reaction hilarious.

After regaining his composure, the fan said: “Oh my God.”

He then mentioned Milner finishing top of Liverpool’s lactic fitness test, which happened earlier on Saturday.


“I did alright, yeah,” a clearly amused Milner responded.

“As per, standard,” the lad said. “You don’t seem to age, do ya?”

Sadly the video ends at this point.

What a wholesome reaction, though.

Milner has probably met some hardcore fans of his over the years, but none more so than this guy.

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