Fabio Fognini caught saying ‘wish a bomb would explode on this club’ at Wimbledon today

Fabio Fognini lost his cool during his third-round defeat.

It must be quite easy to feel like everyone is against you at a tournament like Wimbledon.

Tennis is a nerve-wracking sport as it is, being a 1-v-1 sport, and that's magnified greatly at the All England Club.

There, you're chasing the sport's greatest prize while being watched by millions of people - it's only natural that the stress could push you over the edge.

That'll be why we've seen some famous breakdowns at Wimbledon, the most famous being John McEnroe's 'you cannot be serious' rant in 1981.

But while that was just an angry man having a right go at an umpire in front of everybody, Fabio Fognini really pushed the boat out with his comments this year.

The Italian's third-round match on Saturday was moved to court 14 for a 12:30 start - something Fognini wasn't happy about.

He then went on to lose in straight sets to Tennys Sandgren to exit the tournament.

It's probably even easier than usual to feel like the tennis world is against you when you're literally losing to 'Tennys' and it's clear that Fognini had had enough by game five of the second set.

One set down and battling to win the second, Fognini was caught by on-court microphones saying "Damn, English, really. Damned really."

Fognini stretches for the ball.

That wouldn't be too bad - probably gets said all the time, honestly - but he followed that up with: "Wish a bomb would explode on this club. A bomb should explode here.”

It's safe to say that he'll probably face punishment over that one.

But then, this is the same man who was fined and suspended in 2017 for calling a female umpire a 'whore' and a 'c***sucker'.

Like we say, it's probably very easy to feel like the world is against you at Wimbledon - but some people handle that better than others.

Update: Fognini apologised later in the day for his outburst.

"Something happened on court. If somebody feels offended, I say sorry. No problem," he said, per the BBC.

"Most of the time when you're on court, you're frustrated. For sure I was not happy about my performance today because I was knowing I have a lot to win in this case, because I think I have a good chance to win."

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