Lionel Messi and Gary Medel both sent off in altercation during Argentina vs Chile


Lionel Messi has had a Copa America to forget.

And his tournament went from bad to worse on Saturday night as he was shown a red card during Argentina's third-place play-off against Chile.

In the 36th minute, with Argentine 2-0 up, Messi nudged Gary Medel as the ball went out of play and Medel reacted angrily by squaring up to the Barcelona man.

Messi stood his ground as Medel continued to barge him, at which point Argentina and Chile players got involved and the referee sent both players off.

What exactly Messi did wrong is anyone's guess - Medel was unquestionably more aggressive - but you can watch footage of the altercation below.

Strange. Medel was absolutely furious and actually headbutted Messi, who didn't react and simply put his arms in the air.

It looks like the referee assumed both players were going for each other, which wasn't the case at all judging by the footage. Shocking refereeing.

More to follow.

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