Gary Medel agrees with Lionel Messi's view on red cards during Argentina 2-1 Chile

Gary Medel was not happy with his red card either

This year's Copa America will be remembered for the horrendous state of the officiating.

The introduction of VAR out in South America has caused more chaos than it has prevented and it's clear that CONMEBOL have some serious issues on their hands.

During the semi-final between Brazil and Argentina, the referee refused to go to VAR to review two possible penalty decisions for Argentina.

The first on Sergio Aguero looked stonewall and the fact that Brazil scored seconds later just made things ten times worse.

And last night, the officiating at the Copa America sunk to a new low in the third-place playoff between Argentina and Chile.

Lionel Messi and Gary Medel were both sent off for a clash in the first-half, but no one can really understand why.

Medel did shove Messi a few times and put his head towards him, but even that was worthy of a yellow at most.

As for Messi, he simply put his hands up and refrained from engaging, with neither player going to the ground.

The referee even went to VAR to review the incident but stood by his terrible decision.


And now Medel has voiced his discontent with the decision, stating that he believed him and Messi wouldn't even be brandished yellow cards.

The fiery Chilean said: “I agree with Messi, didn’t even think we’d get a yellow for it. There were a few shoves but that was it. The referee could’ve handled that a lot better." 

When Medel is agreeing with an opponent, you know things are bad.

Both players will now be suspended for the opening game of next year's Copa America.

Messi and Medal are shown red cards

Argentina went on to win the third-place playoff 2-1 thanks to goals from Aguero and Paulo Dybala, however, Messi refused to collect his bronze medal after the dubious officiating.

And who could blame him?

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