Jorge Masvidal's record-breaking UFC win analysed in slow-motion video

UFC 239 Masvidal v Askren

Jorge Masvidal was the star of the show at UFC 239 last night after producing the fastest knockout in UFC’s 26-year history to defeat Ben Askren.

‘Gamebred’ did so after just five seconds when his flying knee whacked Askren on the side of the head, shaving a second off the previous record set by Duane Ludwig when he beat Jonathan Goulet at Ultimate Fight Night 3 in 2006.

The blink and you’ll miss it moment left the crowd stunned, although a slow-motion video of the fight has now revealed exactly what happened.

As the bout began, Masvidal began sprinting at Askren and jumped forward, whilst his opponent responded by crouching and putting his arms out in what appeared to be an attempt to grab Masvidal’s legs.

As a result, the American’s right knee collided with the left side of Askren’s head at full force, knocking him out instantly. Both fighters slumped to the floor, although Askren did so out cold with his arms still clenched.

Masvidal then noticed his counterpart was unguarded and launched a couple of ferocious punches on the left side of his face, although the referee immediately ended the fight and requested that the beaten man receive medical attention.

The victor finished by mockingly slapping the floor next to Askren before standing up to celebrate his record-breaking victory.

He deservedly earned the Performance of the Night award for his historic win, meaning he has now done so at successive events after defeating Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 147.

In a notably aggressive post-match press conference, he stated that the victory was made sweeter by the heated war of words he exchanged with Askren in the build-up and claimed that he still holds a grudge towards the 34-year-old.

“There’s not too many people that I’ve disliked, I’ve had over 50 pro fights and he’s one of them, you know, talked about my manhood, my culture, my ethnicity,” he said.

“And it’s not over for Ben either, he still has to deal with me. If I see him at Whole Foods I’m still gonna slap that dude up because I don’t like him.”

One thing remains for certain; the slow-mo video needs to be watched if you truly want to take in one of the most astonishing fights in UFC history.

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