Jan Blachowicz defeats Luke Rockhold with brutal jaw-breaking punch at UFC 239

UFC 239 Blachowicz v Rockhold

Jan Blachowicz defeated Luke Rockhold at UFC 239 last night in one of the event’s more anticipated bouts.

Rockhold was fighting in the light heavyweight class for the first time, having decided to move up from middleweight in December last year.

He had already caused a stir in the division before even stepping into the Octagon by stating that he was capable of defeating current champion Jon Jones and referring to him as “princess”.

However, on the night he failed to back up his claims as Blachowicz knocked him out in the second round, viciously breaking his jaw in the process.

After a scrappy and fast-paced opening round, a minute-and-a-half into the second, the ‘Prince of Cieszyn’ made a ferocious connection with the right side of Rockhold’s jaw which instantly flattened him.

The brutal strike was captured in slow-motion, which also highlighted how Rockhold literally looked as if he wasn’t sure what had hit him as his face twisted and he tried, but failed, to keep his balance.

Blachowicz, who had predicted himself that he would win in the second round, was then afforded the opportunity to score some more powerful blows to Rockhold’s face as he was crumpled on the floor before the referee ended the fight.

Blachowicz’s savage jaw-breaking punch captured the attention of the crowd and viewers, with one Twitter user commenting that “no chin in the world would have been able to withstand that”.

Ironically given Rockhold’s pre-fight comments, the victory leaves the Pole potentially just one win away from having a chance to face Jones, whilst UFC president Dana White urged Rockhold to retire and “hang up” the sport.

Blachowicz’s call on how the fight would pan out might have come true, although presumably he was extra pleased that he did so in such spectacular style.

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