Kevin Owens says he 'doesn't remember enjoying' being Universal Champion in 2016 and 2017

Kevin Owens

The Universal Championship has been defended for almost three years now, and Kevin Owens probably didn't think he would hold the belt so soon after its inception in 2016.

But injury at SummerSlam to the inaugural champion Finn Balor meant a contingency plan was needed for the title, and one week later, the Prizefighter became a WWE world champion for the first time.

Owens' feuds with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns during his title run probably weren't the most memorable to many, but it was the blossoming friendship with Chris Jericho that stood out more in that time and it ended up leading to a major storyline arc.

KO ultimately lost the title to Goldberg after 188 days, in a short match which would lead to his WrestleMania 33 match with Chris Jericho - which Vince McMahon was widely disappointed with.

Owens recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast of former WWE announcer Lillian Garcia, and told her that his time as Universal Champion wasn't exactly a happy one.

"It's hard to value or realize the impact we have on fans in the moment. I barely appreciate the moments as they go by," said Owens, per Fightful.

"My wife would tell me, 'You are the Universal Champion, and I've never seen you more stressed.' I look back and think, 'I would have done things different as Universal Champion if it were up to me.'

Kevin Owens has admitted that he did not enjoy his inaugural run as Universal Champion

"But ultimately, I was still the Universal Champion. But I honestly don't remember enjoying it, which sucks."

Being a leading man for the company can be stressful at times, and it was the first time Owens had been put in that position by WWE.

A lot of time on the road can take its toll on any superstar, especially one with a young family miles and miles away.

Owens still wants to be a world champion again, but right now he is just trying to enjoy the moment as it comes, and got advice from Vince and a WWE legend about being happy with his work.

Owens' storyline with Chris Jericho was more interesting to many than his title rivalries at the time

"I spoke with Shawn Michaels the night after Bobby Lashley took me out on TV and I was going in for surgery. I was telling him how I was looking forward to the time off, not really to heal my knees, but to heal my head, mentally," Owens told Lillian.

"He told me, 'I was kinda like you where I took everything home, and I was obsessed with this stuff. Trust me now when I tell you, I wish it wasn't that way.'

"During those five months off, I tried to assess how I'm going to come back and enjoy the moments I get. I had a talk with Vince around that period too and I told him, 'I'm never happy because I always want more.' He said, 'It's okay to want more but you've got to find a way to be happy.'"

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