Mario Balotelli has now been reported to Italian police for viral moped incident

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Quiz question: Name a football who would pay €2,000 for someone to drive a moped into the sea.

Look, even if you haven't been keeping an eye on the news recently, everybody's best bet would probably be Mario Balotelli and you'd be absolutely spot on.

The Italian striker has rightfully gained a reputation for some ridiculous stunts over his career, but few of them compare to his latest viral antics.

If you've ever sat down with mates and discussed some hypothetical questions, then 'would you drive a moped into the sea for two grand?' would probably get plenty of eye-rolls.

However, in the case of one particular Italian barman, he took the deal and footage of him barreling into the water on the back of his moped has quickly gone viral.

Bonkers moped stunt

The incident occured on the coast of Naples, in a town called Mergellina, and Catello Buonocore was the barman in question who took the plunge.

Balotelli filmed the entire episode himself, documenting how bewildered onlookers gathered to see the bet and cheered on Buonocore as he prepared for the stunt.

Obviously, the whole situation is utterly bonkers and far from serious, but that isn't something that looks likely to sit well with the Italian police.


Balotelli reported to the police

That's because, according to Football Italia, Balotelli has now been reported to police over the incident as well as Buonocore and two other participants.

The former Manchester City and Liverpool striker is facing accusations of ‘criminal solicitation and gambling.'

Further to that, the quartet are also facing charges for 'abandonment of hazardous waste', linked to the moped being dumped in the body of water.

It sounds a far more serious situation than Balotelli must have thought at the time, but it's hard to deny that driving a vehicle into the sea for a dare is somewhat disorderly.

Prospective clubs won't be impressed by this kind of behaviour either, with Balotelli looking for a new employer after spending six months with Marseille. 


It's these kind of tactics that have made some top European clubs turn their noses up at him and that will especially be the case if Italian police take action.

Don't try this at home!

Do you think Balotelli is still a world-class striker? Have your say in the comments section below.

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