U.S. Army soldier Bryan Abell breaks the world record for most burpees in a day


If you've ever done a chest-to-ground burpee, you know how grim they are.

Doing press-ups for a sustained period of time is brutal by itself, never mind having to use your legs to spring back up, performing a star jump and then returning to the ground a second later.

It never seems the most technical or demanding exercise in the book, but you certainly know you're in for a workout by the fourth press-up and jump, that's for sure.

So, bearing that in mind, imagine doing that for 12 hours on the bounce. Sounds like hell, right?

Well, that was bread and butter for U.S. Army soldier Bryan Abell, who took on the world record for the most chest-to-ground burpees in a single day.

New burpee world-record

The exercise was defined as: "A person squats, places the palms of the hands on the floor in front of the feet, jumps back into a push-up position, returns to the squat position, and then jumps up into the air while extending the arms overhead."

And Abell completed this exercise a staggering 4,689 times across 12 hours, raising money for Stronger Warrior Foundation, which offers support for members of the military.

Having originally aimed for 4,500 burpees, as you do, Abell went above the call of duty and actually managed over 100 more at the Carls Family YMCA in Milford.


Over $1,000 raised for charity

The entire half-day performance was live-streamed on Facebook and over $1,300 was raised for personal materials on the Sunday alone.

Abell now awaits confirmation from Guinness World Records that his incredible physical feat matched their criteria and is worthy of one of their famous plaques.

It's not the first world record of its kind to be set in 2019, with Canada's Dana Glowacka holding the longest plank in history by a female at over 4 hours and 20 minutes.

They're two remarkable feats that - for us mere mortals - show that even our toughest gym workouts are absolute child's play to warriors like these.

How long could you continually do burpees for? Have your say in the comments section below.

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