Becky Lynch receives nasty Woman's Right by Lacey Evans on WWE Raw


This week's opening to Monday Night Raw was another hot opening segment, as Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch faced Andrade and Zelina Vega in a Mixed Tag Team Elimination match.

By the end of the segment though, both champions were on the floor thanks to their challengers at Extreme Rules, Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

Lynch, however, came off worse for wear, as she received a vicious Woman's Right by Evans as the segment came to a close.

The champions managed to defeat their Raw challengers, The Man eliminating Vega first before The Beastslayer eliminated Andrade to end the match. Lynch and Evans did get in a little scuffle after the first elimination.

Celebrating their victory at the top of the ramp with their titles, the Universal Champion was then attacked from behind by Corbin, followed by Evans delivering a Woman's Right to the Raw Women's Champion.

WWE provided slow-motion replays of The Sassy Southern Belle's Woman's Right on The Man to show just how nasty it was.

Although Lynch and Rollins won their match on Raw, it's Evans and Corbin that are standing tall ahead of Extreme Rules in their Last Chance Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules match for both the Universal Championship and the Raw Women's Championship.

WWE fans will recall that this isn't the first time which The Man has received a vicious blow to the face.

She was punched hard in the nose by Nia Jax in the build-up to Survivor Series. This caused her to pull out of her scheduled match at the show vs Ronda Rousey.


However, Evans' punch on Lynch doesn't look like it will have the same effect Jax's punch did, as she's still expected to compete at Extreme Rules this weekend since she had a match after Raw went off the air this week.

Lynch successfully defended her Raw Women's Championship in a dark match vs Evans, while Rollins defended his Universal Championship in a dark match vs Corbin as well.

Still, it was a nasty Woman's Right by The Sassy Southern Belle that connected really well, which can only be a good thing for WWE as they hope more fans will tune in to Extreme Rules this weekend as a result.

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