Teenager who climbed The Shard opens up on that 'incredible feeling'

On Monday morning, London seemed to begin much the same.

The sun rose with the sound of rush hour traffic however a figure could be seen in the skyline.

A bird, a plane? No, a person.

Urban free climber, George King was spotted scaling London’s tallest building, The Shard, at 5.15am with nothing but his two arms and legs.

The 19-year-old completed the stunt in 45 minutes, and was spoken to by the police in the event of the 1,017 ft climb however he wasn’t arrested.

The personal trainer from London admits that he spent a year preparing for the climb, and moved to Leyton in the east, for eight months as part of preparations for the daring ascent.

The daredevil isn’t new to thrill seeking climbs, as he boasts of conquering the biggest climbing walls in both Europe and the world.

Not bad, George. 

The Londoner spoke with The Evening Standard about the reasons for the climb.

“I was thirteen and on a school trip when I first laid eyes on The Shard. I felt an immediate passion to climb it – the same type of passion I want to the world to feel.

“I started training a year ago, it’s been my dream since I came to London and saw the Shard as a 13-year-old,” he said.

“I spent months gathering intelligence and planning to do it.

“To prepare, I free-climbed both the world’s and the UK’s tallest climbing walls, and I’ve climbed lots of cranes too.

“For me, it splits into three areas. You’ve got the pre-climb, which is about the preparation, training and perseverance.

“Then the present, while you’re doing it, when you get the sense of fulfilment and the flow of climbing – it’s an incredible feeling.”

I don’t know about you but climbing the stairs is enough for me never mind climbing one of Europe’s tallest buildings.

The skyscraper designed to look like a shard of glass, boasts of 72 stories and is made up of the capital’s most luxurious restaurants, offices and hotel.

The thrill-seeker showcases his heroics on his Instagram, ‘powers.of.passion’ and I highly recommend taking a look.

UNKNOWN EMBED: pre-embed, pre-instagram

UNKNOWN EMBED: pre-embed, pre-instagram

If you’re looking to get a new thrill, try something beyond your limits – please don’t attempt this.

Go karting usually does the trick for me and I reckon that’s the height of it.

Will we see George pop up on one of the world’s other largest buildings? We shall see.

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