Sting explains how he would have defeated The Undertaker in a WWE match


WWE fans have been asking for a Sting vs The Undertaker match for years, but it never came into fruition despite the fact they were both healthy and in the WWE at the same time.

WrestleMania 31 could have been the perfect show for the dream match to happen on too. Both superstars were still competitive enough in the ring and they had something to fight for too.

Undertaker was coming off his first loss at WrestleMania the year before to Brock Lesnar and looking to bounce back, while Sting was looking for his first win in his first match in WWE.

However, the match never happened. The Deadman defeated Bray Wyatt on the show instead, while the WCW icon lost against Triple H.

With WWE's Saudi money these days though, there are some that still believe the match could happen if the right financial needs are met, although it wouldn't be on the stage many hoped the clash would take place at.

During WWE's Reimagined series, the idea of a Sting vs Undertaker match was explored and brought into an alternate reality where The Phenom jumped ship from WWE to WCW during the Attitude Era.

Possible feuds with WCW stars were then discussed, including one with Sting, but the WCW icon says the match would have ended with him standing victorious.

He said: “No way The Stinger’s gonna get Tombstoned by the Taker, that ain’t happening. Not on my watch.

"What would’ve happened is a few Stinger Splashes, a Deathdrop and probably the Deathlock.”

In truth, despite the Saudi money, Sting vs Undertaker is unlikely to happen in WWE today as Sting has been retired since his cervical spinal stenosis neck injury from 2015's Night of Champions. 

Due to the nature of the neck injury, the WCW icon probably won't be cleared by WWE doctors for another match in their ring again.


While he announced his retirement before WrestleMania 32 in 2016, Sting has said that the only match he would come out of retirement for would be against The Undertaker.

One last hurrah for Sting against The Undertaker would be great to see if the match would end in the way he describes above, but he must put his health first so the match is unlikely to happen.

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