Snoop Dogg demands equal pay for US Women's national team after World Cup win

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The United States Women’s National Team showed just why they are the No.1 ranked team in the world by winning the 2019 World Cup in France.

Jill Ellis’ side won every game that they played in, concluding with a 2-0 win against the Netherlands in the final.

Their form has only intensified the pay debate surrounding women’s football.

The US women are significantly more successful than their male counterparts. They have won the past two World Cups, while the US men’s team has never made it to the semi-final of a World Cup and failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament in Russia.

Yet The Guardian revealed that the US women earned just $90,000 in bonuses before their quarter-final win over France, while the men would have each earned $550,000 had the same bonus structure been in place.

Their report goes on to claim that each woman receives $110,000 for winning the World Cup, while the men would each receive $407,000 if they lift the trophy.

Many are calling for a review into the situation and even American rapper Snoop Dogg has joined in by demanding equal pay for the women’s national team.

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France

Snoop Dogg demands equal pay

Snoop Dogg, who was recently involved in a surprise spat with former England international Paul Gascoigne, spoke passionately about the matter on Instagram.

"Food for thought, shout out to the USA women's soccer team for their fourth World Cup, but what I want to talk about is they only get $90,000 per player, but the men, if they win it they get $500,000 per player,” Snoop said.

"Sorry-a** f*cking men from the US soccer team ain't ever won sh*t, ain't gonna ever win sh*t, can't even get out of the f*cking first round.

"Pay them ladies man, pay them girls what they're worth. The women should be getting $500,000 per athlete, Snoop Dogg says so.

“Them girls won four World Cups, and $90,000? Man, please.

"Pay them $500k per player - Snoop Dogg says so. USA soccer... let's go girls."

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France

USA star Megan Rapinoe, who won the Golden Boot after scoring six goals, also called for progress to be made towards equal pay.

“I think everyone is ready for this conversation to move to the next step,” Rapinoe said after helping USA retain the World Cup, per The Guardian.

“I think we’re done with: ‘Are we worth it, should we have equal pay, is the market the same?’ Yada yada.

“Everyone’s done with that; fans are done with that, players are done with that. In a lot of ways I think sponsors are done with that.

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France

“Let’s get to the next point. What’s next? How do we support women’s federations and women’s programmes around the world? What can Fifa do to do that?

“What can we do to support the leagues around the world?”

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